Welcome Friends

One thing that strikes me right through to my core is that I’ve always had this burning desire to help people; to be of service to others. There’s a longing for truth that lies deep within us all. It’s a silent call to realise our true nature and express ourselves authentically in this world. It leads to inexpressible joy and ultimate freedom.

My life’s work is dedicated to calling forth the truth in each individual; I’m a mentor, healer, life and creative consultant. I’ve spent the most of my time since 2003 aiding people with their troubles – bringing the darkness to the light. I mostly do this on a one to one basis (but I also offer group sessions),  working with clients who come from far and wide to experience my healing services. My empathic nature helps people to heal to move toward a more positive path.

‘In life, we spend most of our time waiting for the magic to happen. For me I have realised that I am the magic and all I have to do is believe.’