Hi Friends,

Thank you for popping over to my Bookings Page. As some people may or may not know I am energy healer, mentor and creative coach and for many years. I’ve dedicated the last 15 years of my life to this…each appointment is a unique session personalised to each individual; no two sessions are the same.

I’m passionate about helping others its something which sits deep within my soul. When it comes to helping others, there’s a very simple reason behind why: Its what I came here to do.

Here’s a short list of some of the reasons people come to me for a One to One or have a Skype session :

  • Feeling stuck/drained or procrastinating.
  • Finding it hard to remove toxic negative patterns.
  • Feeling low or depressed.
  • Feeling negative psychic attacks.
  • Experiencing bad energy in their home.
  • Experiencing emptiness.
  • Experiencing negative vibes in your workplace/business premises.
  • Having trouble selling their home.
  • Or you simply just want to meditate and chill.


If you feel anything on this list is applicable to you and you’d like further information on booking an appointment with Robbie please Contact Us. 

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“In life, we spend most of our time waiting for the magic to happen.
For me I have realised that I am the magic and all I have to do is believe.”