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“My Guardian Angel – a sign from God. This would be the day I would find my true path in life; the day God would give me back my faith. This time it would be sealed within the very seat of my soul. From this day on, I would never be in a place of fear. The foundation would be set—to build the person I was born to be.”

At the age of twenty-four, after reaching the deepest depths of darkness, Robbie H. Andrews decides to end his life.

Up to this point, his life has been a roller-coaster of highs and lows – a journey of emptiness and a lack of faith. He has his fair share of happy memories, but the darkness persists, and pursues that moment of weakness in his mind. One of his darkest hours comes when he moves to New York, and endures the atrocities that take place on the 11th of September, 2001. In the following year, on Independence Day, Robbie is involved in a terrible accident that he is lucky to survive, and it is while he is recovering from this accident that his life takes a turn, pointing him toward his darkest moment.

This is the story of how a brave young man overcomes depression and suicide, and through the light of God, discovers his true purpose. Moving to America is a blessing in disguise; it takes all that darkness to find the most powerful light of all. Through love and light and strength and hope, Robbie is blessed with his greatest gift: the restoration of his faith in God.

“Robbie H. Andrews’s personal story will resonate with many readers who have at one time felt lost. I found it to be a compelling read; I could hardly put it down. It offers the reader hope, and delivers wisdom that will light the path for many.”

– Dr. David R. Hamilton, Author of Is Your Life Mapped Out?


Order My Book – Click Here.