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Healer, Meditator, Life Mentor & Author
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“If you want the simplest truth in life: Meditate, Meditate, Meditate; Repeat!"

Healer, Meditator, Life Mentor & Author

A very extraordinary and gifted young man who has been a light for so many people in some really dark times. His selfless love for other human beings has being shown time and time again. Robbie has been helping others since 2003. A spiritual mentor to many and his natural healing ability stands out by a mile. He’s like a ray of Gods light sharing Gods love and wisdom to others bringing a more balanced and grounded out reality to anyone who has the pleasure of meeting him.

His selfless service to other people helping them through the darkest of times and being that support that was needed, thus earning him the name ‘THE ANGEL MAN’.

His book, How I Met My Guardian Angel is possibly one of the best and true life spiritual books of this age and its part one of his trilogy series called From Madness To Meditation.
He shares a beautiful message of Hope (Help Other People Evolve) this message has no limits a message from God and his Angels meant for the hearts and minds of us all.

Why Robbie?

Are you feeling lost in your life?
Are you trying to find the right spiritual path?
Do you feel depressed, alone or suicidal?
Is your energy on the floor?
Do you feel like you need to recharge or ground yourself?
Do you need support and don’t know where to turn?
Trying to meditate and getting nowhere?
Do you want some extra zen in your life?

Robbie has personally experienced all of the above many times in his life, from depths of depression, hurt and pain. He had spent many years working on his body, mind and soul taking that much needed time to heal, learn and grow.

He likes to keep it simple; Meditate, Pray. Life is not easy and can be so tough, don’t give up there is a light out of darkness. Let Robbie show you the way.  

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"Visiting Robbie was an amazing experience. I was 20 years old when going to visit Robbie, I felt I was at a standstill in my life and I was looking at how or what I could do to help me move forward in a way I would be happy about.  He made me feel very comfortable and safe, he had a kind and calm energy to him

We spoke together about some of the things that were happening in my life and he was able to relate to what I was talking about, he was able to share his own life experiences with me and in doing that I was able to look at my own life and feel more compassionate for myself and for those around me.  

I would highly recommend getting in contact with Robbie."


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How I Met My Guardian Angel

This is the story of how a brave young man overcomes depression and suicide, and through the light of God, discovers his true purpose. Moving to America is a blessing in disguise; it takes all that darkness to find the most powerful light of all. Through love and light and strength and hope, Robbie is blessed with the greatest gift: the restoration of his faith in God.

May I ask for your help friends,  I would be so grateful if you could review my book online. On whatever site you purchase it from, Amazon, Balboa Press, Barnes and Noble etc. I would really love to hear your feedback and I appreciate and value your time.

Thank you in Advance.

My book is Available in - Hardcover - Paper Back - kindle Edition - E-book - Nook Book  

How can Robbie help you


Robbie has dedicated his path in life to be of service to others and help them on their healing journey in this life.

A session with Robbie is a game changer, his compassion and understanding coupled with his ability to help you move from any dark place you are in or situation that you’re going through is outstanding. His session offers a light, a way to begin your own healing, his empathy for others speaks volumes and he is well respected in his field.

Check out the testimonial section.

One to one

In person or online Robbie’s straight talking has a way of getting to the core of whatever is going on in your life. He will help put you on the right path and watch Gods plan unfold. He has this way about him like a natural ability to be able to help others, it goes above and beyond. His honesty will really break through the illusion, delusion and dogma of life.

If you haven’t already read the testimonials have a look, Robbie has helped a lot of people along the way. His true and pure selfless service will help you to the next level.


Robbie H. Andrews is a natural born story teller. As they would say in his native country of Ireland he has the gift of the gab.

Be inspired by his strength, courage and honesty as he talks about the many challenges that he overcame in his lifetime. Robbie shares his true life story of ‘How I Met My Guardian Angel.’ Be prepared to have your heart and mind opened to some deep and profound truths, his message of HOPE is one that is for the whole of Humanity. What makes this so much more is that God sent this message to him.

Robbie has personally come through many battles in his life from drugs and alcohol, to depression and eventually trying to end his own life through a suicide attempt. His positive take on life and his straight talking way wins the hearts of many.

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