My journey started with my sister and friends travelling all the way up to Robbie from Kilkenny, I have to admit I was a little nervous because I did not know what to expect.  When I got there and spent some time talking to him, I immediately felt at ease, I got the impression from him to be a gentle soul filled with light.

After talking to him, I felt like a weight was lifted off of my shoulders, he guided me on to the right path for my family and I. We talked about how life is to be celebrated and that it is a gift to be here. God bless you.


Hi Robbie, this is a thank you note for the wonderful healing work you did on my husband Eugene. He was in so much pain that it was affecting every aspect of his life i.e. his sleeping his mood & concentration. After a couple of healing sessions with you, he was sleeping all night, he had less pain and some days he had no pain at all. He will continue to have you come for a top up when we get through this pandemic please God. Continue your wonderful work, you are a blessing.


I found Robbie H. Andrews while researching on the internet, it was about four years ago now, he was using these healing tools and giving life mentor sessions and I thought this man might be able to help me, I was going through a really hard time in my life.

He talked to me about God, Jesus, sacred geomancy, he introduced me to these amazing healing tools which I use every day, and have greatly helped me with a lot of things that I had brought into my life that were not good for me or my family in the past. Little did I know years later we would have become great friends, thanks to him for opening up my life to more opportunities and for bringing HOPE into my life again. Robbie is a very compassionate soul, he has a great ear to lend, who loves to see people do well, thank you Robbie for all you do.

Christina Drennan

I was in a very dark place and at a big crossroad in my life. I felt very unhappy and couldn’t seem to move myself from this dark place. For weeks I had thoughts of suicide on my mind to escape all the sh*t I was feeling deep inside. I was drinking four to five nights of the week and this was making me feel even more depressed a real downer, I just felt like I had no control or who to turn to that could help.

Robbie and I have been friends for a very long time and I had been to see in the past. I reached out to him and very funnily so did a member of my family at the exact same time. They were really worried about me & my mental health and felt Robbie could help me. Robbie responded to this call very quickly and seen me straight away. I felt all shaky, not myself, and arriving at his house he took me in and straight to his healing therapy chair. He began the healing session and within seconds, I felt this darkness begin to lift. I became more relaxed and it was like the dark thoughts just eased away very profound. Robbie was also using his very blessed healing tools created by His Holiness Buddha Maitreya Jesus the Christ, he also placed headphones on my head and I listened to this very healing music, Robbie called it “Puja” it was so soothing.

The smell of sweet aroma in his space, it was so light and felt protective, he brought me back to where I needed to be. This helped me in so many ways to begin to beat my depression and anxiety to a place where I felt I was back in control. Not to have any further thoughts of those demons that were in my mind was a massive breakthrough and step forward. If you’re going through a dark time or any time I would highly recommend to see Robbie he was that light in a very dark moment and it was like he lifted this massive weight off my shoulders and from my heart. Thank you! The Angel Man.

Carl Clinton

I was feeling stuck and a little lost, it wasn’t a nice time in my life. A close friend of mine told about Robbie, she had been to see him for a healing session and said it did her the world of good. She explained to me how Robbie helped her through a dark time, so I thought I would like to go see him as I felt he could help me.

I did go without any expectations, I had nothing to lose. Meeting him was so different from the picture I had built up in my mind and straight away I felt at ease which was good. I had a great healing session and I felt way more positive than I had been in a very long time. It’s hard to put into words only to say it was like this weight was lifted off my shoulders and I was able to breathe again. My father had been diagnosed with a terminal illness this was so hard for us as you could imagine. I recommended he go see Robbie and he did, the difference in my father was really visible after his first healing session and the quality of his life was way improved.

My father and Robbie hit it off, it was like they were friends for life and they did become really good friends. 

I know Robbie wasn’t there to cure my father of his illness, but he was there like an Earth Angel to support him up on till he passed. I highly recommend Robbie to anybody that I know who is ill or just going through a hard time in their life. He truly has a special Gift.  A massive thank you to The Angel Man.

Danielle- Barcelona

Meeting Robbie H. Andrews was a blessing in disguise. Spiritually I didn’t know the direction my life was going in. After meeting Robbie and his genuine love and support has helped me tremendously. He helped point me on the right path and find the one, His holiness Buddha Maitreya Jesus the Christ.

My anxiety has completely calmed down, and I am finding my relationship with God again.  Robbie for sure helped me to look at life in a different light and I am grateful for this truth. Thank you Robbie H. Andrews,
The Angel Man.

Aoife Callan Healer

I first started healing sessions with Robbie about a year ago.  I had never used Shambhala healing tools and Etheric Weavers etc so I wasn’t sure what to expect.

Utilising these sacred tools and Robbie’s natural healing abilities I always felt peaceful and positive after each session. Robbie has a unique way of explaining things & can tap in on many levels to where you’re coming from and when you present for healing. Overall these healings have benefited me on a multitude of levels things just felt way better, I was more grounded, more positive, and felt in balance.

Life still happens & sometimes things get stressful & difficult but my perception and outlook on situations have changed and I am growing gracefully in Gods light each day.


Six years ago I stumbled across a book on a kitchen table in my workplace. It was a book written by a local author Robbie H. Andrews. I was intrigued as I saw Robbie was from Drogheda close to where I live. I read the book over three days and absolutely loved it. I found it so relatable. I then contacted Robbie and we arranged a healing session. I was struck straight away by Robbie's straight-talking honesty. At that time in my life, this is what I needed. He was real, present connected and a breath of fresh air with a great sense of humour. I was amazed for a man so young how much knowledge he had.

Robbie knew who he was. There was no pretence. Meeting Robbie definitely inspired me to do the work on myself. I began to develop myself and really learn to connect back in and love who I am. This is truly liberating. I now at this present time feel very much connected and in tune with my true self. Self-love is the key.

I believe we meet people at certain times in our lives to teach us and help us evolve. Robbie is an inspiration, he is living his truth and shining the light to inspire others. I am proud to call Robbie my friend.


I have been to Robbie a few times for healing and I always would leave feeling revived and like new. Robbie offers a very grounded out spiritual guidance and advice and his friendly nature makes you feel so relaxed in his company and you walk away like you’ve made a friend! His book ‘How I Met My Guardian Angel’ is a book you won’t put down, it’s very relatable and will touch every fibre in your heart and being.  

Frances Kiely

My partner and I first met Robbie back in 2014 a day that will live long in my memory. It was at a Mind Body Spirit show in the city next to my Town. My partner Maria was going in to see someone else at the show and was just looking around and happen to get chatting to Robbie. I wouldn’t say, I was in a bad place but definitely was unhappy with the way my life was going. Robbie suggested I have healing with him and I figured it was worth a try.

Fast forward a few months I met Robbie for a healing session we had a good conversation as to what was going on In my life, alcohol abuse mostly binges at the weekends with some casual narcotics. I was kind of work hard play harder lad. But with all that my beliefs in things took a bashing dead-end job etc I felt like, I was stuck in a rut.

Robbie did a healing on me for about 45mins he was only meant to do 30mins but I figure I needed a lot of work. I had a real good chat with him about the positive things in my life which was Maria. Robbie pointed out that we were good for each other and maybe one day we might get married. We also talked about me having a family. Maria and I had been trying for over a year with no success. I also wanted to have my own business. To say I was a negative person would have been an understatement.

Robbie really instilled a very positive way for me to look at my life and it was like flicking a switch in my mind came on from that healing. I could only see the positivity and could really see the people that were so negative that I found myself trying to install my positivity into them. Shortly after Maria was pregnant we couldn’t believe this it was like two weeks after the healing. Six months later I had my own business small I know but I was my own boss. We got married and had two more kids.
I’ve seen Robbie a good few times since with great results every time I get healing it’s light such a weight of my world is lifted. I will be bouncing around on such a good buzz of life. Where I am at now in my life now is amazing and the turning point was that first healing I had with Robbie, many thanks, Brother. 

John-Co Donegal