About Robbie

Robbie has spent the vast majority of his time since 2003 aiding people with their troubles. He is a healer, meditator and life mentor. Whether it’s on a one to one basis or in a group setting or even across the inter-web. He can help you, that he promise’s.

His clients come from far and wide to experience his healing and life mentor services. He is a natural born intuitive and on many levels offers support to any person, from any walk of life that needs his help.   

Somewhere along the way people started calling me ‘The Angel Man’

One thing that strikes me right through to my core is that I’ve always had these deep feelings to help people; to be of service to others and help them end any suffering they may be going through.

I understand what it’s like to suffer, I am a suicide survivor and have had many depressions in this life time some of which have been very dark. I came through these hard times and I want to share and help others; show them how to take the right steps to heal and find a more positive path with God in their life. I have worked with the youngest of clients right through to the eldest. I feel humble and blessed that God allows me to be able to reach my hand out and lift someone from the darkness. I know on a personal level how this feels.  

Hi Friends!

Just a little about me.I was born in Ireland on the north east coast in a beautiful town called Drogheda, my town is steeped in history, so as you can imagine it was a very exciting place to grow up. I have two beautiful daughters and girlfriend. In my family I have two brothers and one sister. I have a really big extended family coming from my fathers and mothers side this was great fun growing up.

From an early age in this life, I would be tested and get to experience many different challenges from mental, emotional and physical which would eventually lead to where I am today, helping others. God and his Angels have very much been with me from a child. Was this always clear to me, Yes it was up until the age of twelve roughly when something really dark would steal this from me and for many years after, I would end up in a battle with the Devil and Demons, trying to find my way back to God. This was some journey with many highs and lows I have experienced many depressions some that lasted weeks and even months.  

I have been to hell and back through a lot karmic processes in my life, so much healing and growth has had to happen. These lessons gave me the tools to experience a deeper wisdom. God was helping me to be able to help others on their journey. How did I get there? God Answered me in one of darkest moments, when I tried to end my life. It was a horrendous place to be and I really understand how it feels to be lost and have a loss of faith. God sent me a sign a message of Hope from him, in the form of my Guardian Angel. This became my first book ‘How I Met My Guardian Angel’. Book one from my trilogy ‘From Madness to Meditation’.

I am currently writing book two of the trilogy which will come later in the year. I spend most of my time helping my clients who come from all four corners of the world. I love what I do helping others move towards a more positive path and healing. I consider this to be a great blessing from God.  

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Sending Positive Prayers, Positive Vibes and Healing.  


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